Charlie's Bio

Syracuse University BFA
Sir John Case
Saint Martins in the fields.
Studied under John Hilton in Hawaii.

Traveled and painted extensively throughout Europe and the US.

Upcoming shows

New Century Artits Gallery 350 West 25th Street NY, NY March 18th - April 12th.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery 511 West 25th Street NY, NY April 10th - May 3rd.

Limner Gallery 870 Avenue of the Americas NY, NY April 12th - May 3rd - Spring Salon 2003.

Kawamura Museum Gallery, Sakura City, Chiba Prefacture, Japan July 1st - 7th.

Limner Gallery 870 Avenue of the Americas NY, NY December 3rd - December 20th - Invitational Small Works Show 2003.

Two visions one soul.

I am not a wordsmith, writer or poet.

I am a thought provoker and a travel agent.

My realistic work will take you places where you can sit and soak up the beauty of this world.

Whether it's a lake, a field of flowers or a lush tropical setting,
I capture space, depth of field and light through color.

My abstracts will make your eyes dance among the shapes.

They provoke you to imagine the thoughts running through the individual forms, coming up with a collective feeling of the work.

Movement is expressed through shapes and the juxtaposition of colors.

Chaos and contentment the two primal forces are portrayed through biomorphic abstractions.

My art is drawn from my life experiences.

I've lived in many culturally different places. I've had many different careers.

In doing this I've seen the differences between us and the common threads that hold us together.

What makes a leader, a follower, an anarchist or a free sprit. What holds us in awe, what pulls at our soul.

This is what I capture in my work.

This is my Bio and I lay it before you in paint.